“...This was the complete production: slickly presented, conceptually extreme and unrelenting in its thematic concentration.” Four stars (Andrew Fuhrmann)

Noise Quartet Meditation investigates the power of tranquility in its relationship to chaos, and the resonant harmony existent in their perpetual exchange.The amplification of the most imperceivable of vibrations swells until it unravels as a cyclone of moving flesh and sound. As a dialogue forms between the turbulent and calm, the presence of both body and sonic activity exist larger than their physical state. A deep rumble. A sweeping sensation of peaceful intrigue. Performers: Atticus Bastow, Briarna Longville, Jonathon Nokes, Lilian Steiner Sound Design:Atticus Bastow and Jonathon Nokes (Live and pre-recorded composition) Lighting Design:Matthew Adey Costume Design: Shio Otani

Duration: 50 minutes

Noise Quartet Meditation premiered as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival (2014) at The Substation, Newport.
The work received the 2014 Green Room Award for Concept and Realisation and nominations for the Shirley McKechnie Award for Choreography and Best Female Dancer (Briarna Longville).

*This work is available for touring.