Photography by Gregory Lorenzutti

Admission into the Everyday Sublime was presented at Next Wave Festival, 2016 at Artshouse, North Melbourne Town Hall.

ABOUT: The natural frequencies of the body rumbles a deep note, and the mind purrs to joins the body’s song – feeding into an intense and alluring harmony. Inhibition dissolves. On soft ground, a vast earthy horizon, four parts of one whole congregate for an expanded moment. Admission into the Everyday Sublime assembles a choreographic and sonic experience that that lures the observer through unexpected states of energised tranquillity. Through studies of alternative medicine and energy therapies, this work investigates the body’s malleable relationship to weight and density, light as an extension of the body, the sculptural nature of sound and the healing power of its resonant frequencies.

Performers: Atticus Bastow, Briarna Longville, Jonathon Nokes, Lilian Steiner
Sound Design: Atticus Bastow and Jonathon Nokes
Lighting Design: Matthew Adey

Duration: 60 minutes

This project has been generously supported by Chunky Move (Maximised space residence program), Arts House (4 Walls space residency program), Creative Victoria and City of Melbourne.

4 Walls Residency, Arts House, 2015

4 Walls Residency, Arts House, 2015