Siren Dance

The Siren, like a politician, sweetly calls her onlooker into her alluring arms - but is she innocent or guilty of leading them towards their destruction? In Siren Dance one dancer plays with the ambiguous space between genuine honesty and utter deception. Classicism collides with contemporary visions of truth, disguise, magnetism and destruction.  

Now is a time when manipulation of the truth is constant and arguably at its most extreme point in history. In wanting to create happiness we speak of honesty but honesty is slippery and sneaky. Intentions transform quickly and what might begin as truth can so easily become fiction.

Deception is not only an external force - for us all, self-deception is a familiar process. Denial or rationalising of the unpleasant is a constant dialogue to which our awareness can develop immunity. To what scale the impact we cannot always know but it is clear that each of us has the ability to play the Siren and the doomed sailor simultaneously. It is one of the great challenges of human kind to speak virtuously in the face of consequential suffering, but ‘In an age of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act’ (George Orwell).

Choreography/Performance: Lilian Steiner
Sound: Marco Cher-Gibard
Costume: Geoffrey Watson
Photos: DLA-ALM


- BMotion / Opera Estate, Bassano (Italy), 21-24 August 2019
- Deltebre Dansa Festival (Spain), 12 July 2019

Photo by Vèrtex Comunicació at Deltebre Dansa

Photo by Vèrtex Comunicació at Deltebre Dansa