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Lilian Steiner is an Australian dancer and choreographer whose practice utilises the inherent intelligence of the active body as the primary tool for creating wholly encompassing visual, sonic and kinaesthetic experiences that speak with a unique vigor to the politics of our current time.

Lilian’s major choreographic projects include:
- Becoming The Icon - collaboration with Emile Zile, premiering 2020
- Siren Dance - Deltebre Dansa 2019 / B.Motion, Bassano del Grappa 2019
- Memoir for Rivers and The Dictator - Dance Massive 2019 (Originally commissioned as a short work for the Keir Choreographic Award 2018 / presented at Constellations Festival, Toulon 2018 / Les Plateaux de la Briqueterie 2018)
- Metal Under Venus - The Fall of the Sun - Hong Kong ICAROS Residency 2017
- Admission Into the Everyday Sublime - Next Wave Festival 2016
- BUNKER - Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2015
- Noise Quartet Meditation - The Substation, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2014 / Dance Massive 2017 / Rencontres Chorégraphiques de Seine Saint Denis, Paris 2018 / Fête de la Musique, Geneva 2018
- Meditation - Melbourne Now, NGV 2014
- The Call to Connect - Voyager Recordings - Lucy Guerin Inc.’s Pieces for Small Spaces 2012


As a performer, Lilian works across independent and company environments within both dance and the visual arts.  
Lilian has been a dancer with Lucy Guerin Inc. across many projects:
- Metal, premiering AsiaTOPA Festival (Melbourne) 2020
- Split, premiered Dance Massive 2017 / Touring 2018 & 2019 (Australia, Europe, North America, Canada, Japan)
- The Dark Chorus, premiered Melbourne Festival 2016 and
- Motion Picture - premiered Dance Massive 2015
- Weather - premiered Melbourne Festival 2012 / North American tour 2013 / Paris tour 2015
- Structure and Sadness - US. tour 2011

Amongst others she has worked with choreographers Phillip Adams’ Balletlab (Above, MONA FOMA 2011 and EVER, Melbourne Festival 2017), Melanie Lane (Nightdance, Arts House 2017 & Dance Massive 2019), Shelley Lasica (The Design Plot, RMIT Design Hub & Gertrude Glasshouse 2017) and Rennie McDougall (SUPERTONENext Wave Festival, 2012), visual artists Ash Keating (Continuum: Parts 1 & 2, 2013/14), Brook Andrew (Smudge, RMIT Design Hub, 2015), Mikala Dwyer (Goldene Bend'erACCA, 2013) and Alicia Frankovic (Defending Plural Experiences, Framed Movements, ACCA, 2014), performance art group Public Movement (Training Ground, ACCA in the City, 2015), architect Matthew Bird (Studio Bird) (Sarcophagus, Venice Biennale 2016), sound artist Anna Homler (Breadwoman, MONA FOMA 2018 and MPavillion in association with Liquid Architecture) and composer JLIN (Faux Mo at MONA FOMA 2018 and Sounds and Visions at The Barbican 2018).

- 2015 Green Room Award for 'Concept and Realisation' for Noise Quartet Meditation
- 2017 Green Room Award for 'Female Dancer' in Lucy Guerin Inc.'s The Dark Chorus
- 2017 Helpmann Award for 'Female Dancer' in Lucy Guerin Inc.'s Split
- 2018 Green Room Award for 'Female Dancer' for Year's Work

- 2016 Green Room Award nomination for 'Design' for BUNKER
- 2016 Green Room Award nomination for 'Female Dancer' for body of work (Lucy Guerin Inc.'s Motion Picture and BUNKER)
- 2015 Green Room Award nomination for the 'Shirley McKechnie Award for Choreography' for Noise Quartet Meditation
2013 Green Room Award nomination for 'Female Dancer' for Rennie McDougall's SUPERTONE