The Call to Connect - Voyager Recordings was commissioned by Lucy Guerin Inc. in 2012 for the company's annual season of short works, Pieces for Small Spaces.

In the soundless void of Space there is sound; this is vibration created by energetic interactions between electromagnetic particles. Gathered by the NASA Voyager I and II, this vibration has been translated directly into sound waves, and so we are delivered the gift of the voice of our Universe.  As beautiful, regal and pure as the sonic activity of the greater cosmos, the single human body exists a small part of the whole. Without disguise the body connects to the natural state of existence and occupies its place in space and time with as much power as does any superior existence.

PERFORMER: Lilian Steiner
SOUND:  Symphonies of the Planets (2) - NASA Voyager Recording

Original Duration: 13 minutes

* This work is available to be re-contextualised as a durational work for a theatrical or gallery space.  It was created with the body as a performative sculpture.


*** NOTE: This work was presented in a blacked out space with only one rigged light source running at 3% intensity being used to light the work. To stay true to the work, this was not altered for video documentation. Unfortunately, the camera lens does not adjust to the dark as our eyes naturally do. It is recommended to watch this video in a dark room.

Audience entered the space in the dark, found a space to sit on the ground anywhere in the space, and viewed the work on an upwards angle as their eyes gradually adjusted to the light.