Lilian's own movement language comes from a release technique lineage, which although never studied in depth has strongly influenced how she works with the body in action.  Exploration of both 'set' material and improvisation focuses on the weight and density of the body as a malleable mass, and the intelligence of the body on a cellular level to guide this mass through both considered and abandoned action.  
Playing with imagination, the body finds new ways to experience itself as both material and immaterial object.


Lilian is a professional dancer and choreographer, working on both independent and company projects. Through dance, she fell into a deep relationship with yoga, and each day she falls deeper and deeper. Her classes are strongly informed by her dance practice, bringing in a particular fluidity and consciousness to movement. She believes that the body (physical and beyond) is incredibly able and that we must appreciate its innate desire to be powerful in action, whether powerfully delicate and precise, or rigorously wild in abandon. She believes that both delicacy and abandon are truly experienced within the practice of yoga.

Lilian studied her vinyasa 200hr RYTT and 150hr Post Graduate training with Ambika Chadwick at The Yoga Social.

Lilian currently teaches at:
- Yoga 37 (1/7 Emma Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066)
- Australian Yoga Academy (2B Elm Street, Northcote, VIC 3070)